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Saturday, January 30, 2010

EFF you facebook!

I know this will sound extremely hypocrate of me but we are all guilty of the deed. Facebook. I'm extremely disturbed by the actions that Mike Zuckerberg decided to make in regards to FB. Seriously I joined because I thought it was a safe networking site in which only college students could join (back in 2006) Well I discovered it was all a lie when my mom and the rest of my one million family members joined. Pardon me Jesus but I do not agree with the fact that I shall have to share my social pics, life and thoughts with my family members. In addition to that, FB has been overpopulated by people with no brains ! I'm sick of the statuses containing thug lines, welfare complaints, desperate single women, and desperate men looking to date online! That's beyond the purpose of FB! Damn it all ! I trusted you Mike Zuckerberg, but I forgive him entirely because as an entreprenuer, you must never limit your consumers! But I marathon ran out of MySpace because I wanted to keep my social life insanely private. Behold ladies and gents because there's always option B; I will join Linked In! AHA! Its a new (new to me) social/ business /networking site made for people like me! Let's hope that this website doesnt get miraculously invaded by pedifiles, minors and family members over the age of 40 (no offense if you qualify under these categories) As my end note, this isnt a formal goodbye to Facebook, I think this is a lay low advisory, meaning I will be looking for something else out there!


  1. I was looking at my blog and I clicked "Next Blog" which took me to yours. I was dying laughing when I read it. I joined facebook while I was in college (2003) and now every family member I have is on. SO OBNOXIOUS! Good luck with Linked In!

  2. Yes! It is beyond bizarre I'm dying to officially leave facebook, but somehow I cant! I feel terrible denying my family members as friends so now they are all on my FB! Urgh! is it too wrong to have a private social life!? lol But thanks I'll post a review in regards to Linked In. :-)