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Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Frenzy-HM Smart Buy

So here's something absurd:  I live in the northeast (Boston, MA) and I've spent the past 2 freezing months without a coat.  I'll try not to brag about the fact that I haven't gotten sick YET but that's another bizarre mystery that I have yet to discover.  Enough blabbing.  The good news is that I just purchased a reputably gorge coat from my local H&M store.  This baby was retailing at $70 and I couldn't have grabbed a better deal! I walked in the store with a 50% off coupon that I had received and it was love at first buy.  I obviously had missed the black Friday deals but who the heck wakes up the morning after Thanksgiving anyways? Regardless  I don't think this coat had been released during Thanksgiving weekend.    On to the details… the coat fits perfect on me and my body shape.  I was tired of previous knee long annoying coats that bothered me every time I sat down.  So this year, I opted for a coat that didn't go past my hips because I wanted to be comfortable in it.    I mostly fell in love with this coat because of its military look.  Takes me back to hitler and his bossy mean style, and I love that Ish! I also bought it because it isn't your regular winter coat, it has details! My favorite is the shoulder fur, it adds pizzaz to the damn thing.  I have a loving relationship with dark toned coats because who has time to wash a white coat every other day? I mean unless you're only going to use it once or twice, do yourself the favor and run away from light skinned coats.  As far as quality and durability, I don't know as of yet because I'm a first time H&M coat buyer.  I will say however that I bought a $200 Guess coat last year that ripped into pieces by the end of winter.  I mean seriously, I lost every button on it.  I do have faith in this H&M investment and it looks durable and trendy so I will keep my fingers crossed and keep stunting in my very bossy coat. Until next time Amigos!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What I would rather wear.

While enjoying the VS show tonight, I thought I'd present to you something with more fabric than what Gisele was wearing tonight. Lets be honest ladies.. Who wouldn't want to wear leggings, a sweater and uggs everyday! Its so darn comfy.  This is my Go-To-Mommy-Oufit for these cold winter months.  What can I say? Its a Northeast thang! Hope you enjoyed the show!
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Friday, December 6, 2013


Ugh. Were shall I begin? So much has changed since I last posted that I've been uninspired to post due to the proximity of changes in my life.  First off, everything changed once I entered the mommy's world.  What do I mean by everything? I mean that my priorities and my interests have taken a permanent 360.  There comes a time in a girls life when she finally figures out what she really wants in life!  You know that part of your brain you never knew you had, that suddenly lights up a bulb and enables you to envision what you really desire? Well YES that sums up what happened to me in the past year.  Long term positive changes have occurred, and have enabled me to learn a lot and form pieces to endless missing puzzles.  Nonetheless, I still have a passion for blogging and expressing my ideas, BUT I will admit this blog will change into an abyss of my life.  I want to blog everything I've learned as a new mommy and incorporate my passion for fashion, along with my writing capabilities, and all other crazy things that sizzle in my head.  So what am I into now? Welp, I've developed a new found love for finance with a an emphasis on couponing, investing, and saving money.  I've also changed my perspective on fashion and spending lots of money on clothes and such.  My social life is nearly inexistent so I spent most of my time working or taking care of my precious little prince Tristan Bale.  To top things off, I'm completely dedicated to family and spending quality time with other loved ones.  I really hope you guys appreciated my courtesy life update but now it is time introduce some pictures of me and my prince! Be on the lookout for more posts soon!