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Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Frenzy-HM Smart Buy

So here's something absurd:  I live in the northeast (Boston, MA) and I've spent the past 2 freezing months without a coat.  I'll try not to brag about the fact that I haven't gotten sick YET but that's another bizarre mystery that I have yet to discover.  Enough blabbing.  The good news is that I just purchased a reputably gorge coat from my local H&M store.  This baby was retailing at $70 and I couldn't have grabbed a better deal! I walked in the store with a 50% off coupon that I had received and it was love at first buy.  I obviously had missed the black Friday deals but who the heck wakes up the morning after Thanksgiving anyways? Regardless  I don't think this coat had been released during Thanksgiving weekend.    On to the details… the coat fits perfect on me and my body shape.  I was tired of previous knee long annoying coats that bothered me every time I sat down.  So this year, I opted for a coat that didn't go past my hips because I wanted to be comfortable in it.    I mostly fell in love with this coat because of its military look.  Takes me back to hitler and his bossy mean style, and I love that Ish! I also bought it because it isn't your regular winter coat, it has details! My favorite is the shoulder fur, it adds pizzaz to the damn thing.  I have a loving relationship with dark toned coats because who has time to wash a white coat every other day? I mean unless you're only going to use it once or twice, do yourself the favor and run away from light skinned coats.  As far as quality and durability, I don't know as of yet because I'm a first time H&M coat buyer.  I will say however that I bought a $200 Guess coat last year that ripped into pieces by the end of winter.  I mean seriously, I lost every button on it.  I do have faith in this H&M investment and it looks durable and trendy so I will keep my fingers crossed and keep stunting in my very bossy coat. Until next time Amigos!

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