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Thursday, April 5, 2012

HAUL Sigma Brushes

Disregard the lateness but I recently bought my very first Sigma Brushes. (AHHH)  What took me so long? hmmm the fact that they do not have an actual real life store and I was unsure of what I was purchasing.  Besides, I was accustomed to MAC brushes, for goodness sakes they lure me into their store every time!! Anyways, my purchase consisted of 4 sigma brushes; E55, E40, F84, F80, plus a free complimentary E25!! The brushes were delivered intact and were preciously safely packaged.  Must I add that these brushes were worth the money! For starters the bristles are super soft and dense.  My make up application became a tickling experience..No really.  All jokes aside the bristles on these brushes are so precise and feel amazing on your skin!  Quite frankly, these Sigma brushes are equivalent if not better than MAC brushes.  So if you're looking for some good quality brushes at a fair price, I give you the GO.  Check out the Sigma website, they have amazing products !!  

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