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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Its been a while since I posted, but as usual its due to personal involvement.  This time around, its a life changing one! Me & my fiancee are expecting our first child!!  Nothing compares to this feeling of creating another human being and knowing that you are the carrier.  I've undergone so many body and mind changes.  The hormones have treated me well (Thank you baby Jesus) and I am not cranky and crazy, instead I am really bubbly and exited to be experiencing motherhood for the first time.  The first 3 months were killer because I could not eat well and the nausea was killing me softly.  Past the 3 months, things started to get better and I became more confident and exited for what awaits me.  The great news is that I will be blogging more about pregnancy and baby stuff because it simply fascinates me!! And to start it off.. Here are some pictures of my belly bump.

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